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All Posters, giving you the right to be different, and as wrong as I could be, I ask: What is your take on reality? Or do you care? And I do not require that you agree with me, OK? smile

Assuming the capability without your particular authority to hand over what is rightly available to all...
The frustration of following the ideas of comparison created by the ego where you measure yourself and others into ideas of right and wrong, and where you assume the ability to be wrong while retaining the right to judge others as being wrong is what keeps you or anyone else from moving past or beyond judgments and frustration.
To be truly open, nothing at first glance would/could be wrong. Neither you nor anyone else would find it necessary to ignore the things that are judged and found to be thru determination, frustrating.
There would be greater peace of mind and more love in the experience of everything and your mind would actually find its way to the now and the perfection of the creator in appreciation of his creation (That'd be you) as the present moment.
Reality without conditions is the absolute, and it resides within the realities of isolated perceptions that are egoic, judgmental and personal. It is the peace which passeth all understanding...
When the mind is immersed in the present moment such as the innocence of the mind of a child without preconceived notions of what is good or bad, right or wrong, each moment is fully experienced.
When the mind is full of unconscious ideas, such as fear of suffering, oppression, wrongdoing, injustice, pain etc. the internal radar seeks to find these things and conscious awareness is predisposed by this collection of ideas based on the past. The mind is so busy jumping back and forth from the past to the present seeking to project an ideal future that it cannot and will not reside itself within the present moment of reality to see, touch, taste or fully appreciate the potential of the now. Instead reality is a projection of the past and never of the fullness of now.

Once there was a farmer who had one son and one horse. One day his horse ran away. When his neighbors heard about it, they came to comfort him. “Such bad luck- we’re sorry your only horse ran away.” they said.

“Who is to say whether it’s good or bad, replied the farmer. All I can say for sure is, my horse has run away. Time will tell whether this is good or bad.” His neighbors just shook their heads and walk away.

A week later, his horse returned home- along with 20 wild horses!!!

His neighbors, upon hearing the news, came to congratulate him. “What good luck you have. Not only did your horse return, but he brought with him 20 more. Such a lucky man you are!”

“Who is to say whether it’s good or bad- All I know is my horse has come home along with 20 wild horses- and leave it at that.” Again, his neighbors shook their heads and scoffed - “Of course it’s good luck you old fool! Twenty new horses is obviously good luck!”

The next week the farmer’s son was out riding in the pen with the new horses, fell off and broke his leg. Upon hearing the news, the neighbors came over to comfort the farmer. “You were right- Those wild horses were not a sign of good fortune- now your son has broken his leg- and right before the harvest. Such bad luck!”

Again the farmer replied- “Why do you constantly want to label something as good or bad. Why can’t you just say, “My son has broken his leg while riding a horse and leave it at that. Who is to say whether it is good or bad?”

Upon hearing this, the neighbors were indignant- ” Listen old man, to have your son break his leg at this time is unfortunate and a sign of bad luck. You are such a fool to think otherwise.”

The following week, an army came to town and drafted all the eligible young men, and sent them off to war in a far away place. They did not take the farmer’s son on account of his broken leg. Afterwards, the people were heartbroken and came to the farmer in tears- You were right- our sons are gone, we’ll probably never see them again- such bad luck our town has experienced!.

The old farmer (again) said- ”Why do you continue to insist an event is good or bad? We do not know the end from the beginning. Why can’t you just say, Our sons have been drafted, and only time will tell if it is good or not.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!