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Given the history of humanity we have absolutely no reason to be optimistic about "beneficient progress".
So I take it you base your personal choices on historical references which you give validity to, as the meaning of life...
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Most technologies, including medicine, arise from military or economic competition, and great conflicts continue to loom in terms of use of the planet's resources.

You're saying mankind has no inherent nature to progress but rather to succeed, in an economic evironment.
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Such philosophical/spiritual speculations in which we are engaged here may be no more than a mental luxury of "Westerners" who "forget" they utilise twenty five times per capita of resources than the poorest countries.

Mankind is without any properties that might set the species apart from herd animals. Intelligence is not only a luxury but wasted in inefficiency and blindness to any awareness that there is anything other than our own personal needs and desires...???? confused
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In the light of the above, Dawkins (et al) may ultimately make more sense than some of us might care to admit.

I suppose if you believe the earth is flat and you could sail over the edge of the earth into oblivion, your ability to comprehend life would be limited to the things you believe are real.
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