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Where and Who is God ?

By idea the God ( HE / SHE / IT ) must be :
Something Infinity Absolute it means to be in every place

Logic. The word came from the concept of a "log" being firm and immutable.
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And something Absolute Concrete/ Limited it means
to be exactly in the concrete place.

Logic. It is literally everywhere and within all things and reigns over all existence.

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Can God create our World without physics laws and formulas ?
The answer is: No !

God (i.e. Logic) created those "laws of physics" that man merely discovers and attempts to understand.

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Have physicists found these two Absolute parameters
in the Universe ?
My answer is: Yes !

Yet still do not understand them. There are "higher" absolute "parameters" that can be known without the slightest empirical evidence.
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One Infinity Absolute Parameter is Vacuum: T=0K.
Second Absolute Concrete/ Limited Parameter is speed of
Quantum of Light in Vacuum: c=1.

A true absolute void of nothingness, a true vacuum, cannot and never has existed. This is logically provable.

The speed of light can be logically derived void of any empirical evidence - once God is understood.

There are still far greater absolutes than those to understand.

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Using these two Absolute Parameters I explain
the creation of the Universe step by step.
== .

Do tell. Although I suspect by what you have said here, that you are just beginning.

What is the fundamental logic of the impossibility of indifference? Within that question and answer, you discover God and the Creator of all things.

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