Hello Revlgking,

Good to hear from you. I said I was not going to get involved anymore in this forum on religion in a previous post I made, but you said an interesting thing that I agree completely with:

"This is why I prefer to dialogue, not debate, dictate or indoctrinate. I am fond of using expressions such as, "In my opinion (IMO)..."

I think sometimes, and I have came to his conclusion by listening to those that don't believe, that they are not angry at religion - but the radicalism of some christians, muslems, or whatever religion they come in contact with. I will say this, I have known some athiest that are more christian than some of the christians I know, and I don't mean that as a slur or sarcasm to anyone. I respect people for their actions not who they pray to on Sunday. Religion is a personal thing-I encourage everyone to believe, but that is a choice we have to take.

Thanks Revlgking,
People will forgive you for anything -but being right !