Dictionary def. 'humane '

1a. marked by compassion or consideration for other human beings or animals.
1b. causing the minimum pain possible.
2. characterised by broad humanistic culture; liberal.

So I don't think all human beings can be described as 'humane', whereas all human beings are 'human'. Health has nothing to do with it for either of them.

Do you believe that to die is to sleep. I certainly don't, because to sleep is to dream and then to waken. That's not death. Death, for me, is nothingness, the end, but also a part of the continuation of the cycle of lIfe. If there were no death there would be no life! And rev. I do not want to be dead. I don't fear it though.

I totally reject the idea of Karma. I find the whole idea of inherited sin repugnant and reject it completely. We do not reap what we sow. Many loathsome and criminal people live a life of ease and prosperity. Meanwhile people who lack even the basic necessities of life are ignored as it is their karma to expiate either their own (or even their relatives') sins in a previous existence (!) or the sins they may have incurred through their own actions. What a lovely excuse to never reform conditions or pass laws which offer help to these unfortunate people. And as for the suggestion that disease or an accident is a punishment for sin--- well that is cruel and a disgusting thought, though if you believe in divine retribution you will probably be less likely to help people suffering either. You will look the other way and say it is god's will, or fate, that misfortune has happened.