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This was cruelly mocked by some comedian or other as "the devil made me do it"!
You're thinking of the late Flip Wilson. Interestingly, we get our word 'devil' from the Greek, diabolos (hence, diabolic). It literally means that which splits us from the good (God), within ourselves, others and in the universe. The inner self is also the location of the so-called 'devil'--green (envy) and red (anger) variety smile

Speaking of the universe: As a unitheist, I experience the universe as being made of all kinds of qualities, which are both visible and invisible. Isn't much of the light spectrum "invisible" to the naked eye? But who would argue that it is of little consequence to us.

BTW, It not my desire to convert atheists--or for that matter anyone--and have them become unitheists?

My goal with any other human being is the same as it is with my son's wife, a Sufi Muslim--the mother of my only three wonderful
grandchildren. What I want--and am having with my family--is to have healthy relationship so that we can work together to make the world a place of prosperity, justice, joy and peace, for all people.

This is what we are making the basis of our weekly fellowship http://www.pathwayschurch.ca It is based entirely on the non-sectarian principle of the Golden Rule.

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