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... there has been no concrete evidence that there is consciousness after death, creating a fancy theory to fit your beliefs rather than the facts is called fabrication.

BFP, wow, quite a statement! I respect your opinion, but keep in mind: Your statement is an opinion, nothing more. Unless you have facts to prove otherwise. Opinions, like the theories of science, are valuable for the purpose of dialogue, but they are not fixed laws.

If you have any concrete facts, let us have them. I am all eyes and ears.

Keep in mind: I am not a fixed-position thinker. Therefore, I keep my options open. If you can convince me that physicalism is the end-all-and-be all of existence, I simply ask, in the spirit of dialogue: Where are your facts?

PNEUMATOLOGY--The study of spiritual phenomena. BTW, psychology grew out of pneumatology.
As a pneumatologist, I take a scientific attitude towards understanding all things, including spiritual things.

Therefore, in the spirit of dialogue, I am willing to theorize about, study, research and explore spiritual phenomena in the same way I am willing to explore physical and mental phenomena. Since my student days I have been calling for the integration of somatology, psychology and pneumatology.