Ellis writes
So where will I be in 100 years? .. I'll be very very dead! Still remembered maybe--( I remember my great-granny!) No it doesn't scare me. Why should it? Death is part of life.
Ellis, I am glad you are thinking about such things. To me it indicates that you have a sense of being a spiritual being, a HUMANE being.

BTW, your interesting comment prompts me to ask:
When you say, "I'll be very dead!" it prompts me to ask"
Is this just your belief?
Or is it your hope? Something you look forward to being, dead?
Perhaps you are you certain that you will be dead and there is nothing you can do about it, anyway?
I have a strong feeling, even a belief and a hope, that a very powerful spiritual law applies to our lives.

THE LAW OF KARMA--all actions produce results, eventually
The law, as stated, by Paul, in Galatians 6:7, is this: A person will reap exactly as he sows. The Law of Karma is not just a teaching of Buddhism and Hinduism.

This law may not scare me, but as Hamlet said, it: "...gives us pause..."

IMO, science does not guarantee that, in the future, we will all be "very, very dead".

BTW, BFP, you ask: "How do you define someone as being inhumane?"

Check your dictionary. Being humane is clearly defined. It sounds a lot like the same as being a good Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, whatever.

I want all of us to be humane beings, not just human beings.
How about you? Are you humane? I hope you are. smile

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