Odin1, as you write:
Religion is "faith based".
I agree. It is also a very personal thing. This is why I prefer to dialogue, not debate, dictate or indoctrinate. I am fond of using expressions such as, "In my opinion (IMO)..."

BTW, about God. In English, the name 'God' is used by millions of people in all religions. They use it--I used to use it--to refer to the one who they think of as an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving and everywhere-present being, up and/or out there.

The Bible speaks of God as if He is a male-like, three-dimensional, and super being who wills, speaks and acts with absolute authority.

As I understand it, those who do not believe in God call themselves atheists--from the Greek for God, Theos.

As a unitheist, I have a different concept of the one powerful and good idea. For me, GØD is not some kind of a three-dimensional and masculine-like being who will this, that and the other thing. Thus I use the acronym 'GØD'--goodness, order and design.

I BELIEVE that the universe, potentially speaking, can be filled with moral and ethical goodness, with mathematical precision and order, and with beauty and artistic design. In other words: If we so choose, with and attitude of Love (GØD is Love), we can be one with GØD, forever and ever.

How real is GØD? For me GØD is as real as space/time and as the next breath I take (GØD is Spirit). GØD is self-evident being, itself. It can be for anyone who so chooses.

Why would anyone choose otherwise--non being?

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