Ellis, while I welcome, even enjoy, your "butting in" smile --it shows that you have a lively interest in dialogue--my recent dialogue is with BFP.

Because BFP is new to this thread my questions were to him, to get his thinking on things. For example, I found out that he is an agnostic.

Meanwhile, thanks for expanding your thoughts on atheism. While we are at it, let me ask a few questions.

You say,
Atheists have no "faith"


NO faith? Ellis, is this your personal dogma (teaching), your certainty?
Or, is there a pope of atheism who speaks for all atheists?
Is there only one denomination of atheism?
If atheist have no "faith" does this mean that they are certain of all things?
Do all atheists believe that human beings are simply clever animals?
Are we simply one of the accidents of evolution?
Do you feel it is possible for atheists, theists, unitheists, deists, agnostics, whatever to live in a kind of harmony?

Or do you take the position of Dawkins and Hitchins that all religion is evil and needs to eradicated?

Since atheists have NO faith, what is their dogma regarding good and evil, and life beyond the death of the body?

I am sure there are altruistic atheists, but if death is the end of all life, what would motivate an atheist to give his life to save the lives of others? I recently saw a movie, based on facts, about a man--an explosives expert who diffused a bomb on a train full of explosives. Following prayers, he risked his life to save the community.

BTW, over the years I have had at least three near-death experiences--one in Labrador (a storm on a lake)--which involved saving the lives of others.

Anyone. Feel free to butt in. laugh

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