burden of proof'- he who makes a claim must provide proof for the claim
Okay, BFP: You make the claim that your life will end at your death. Now, prove it. smile

I claim that there is enough evidence, at least for me and millions of others--may not be for you--to believe that it is possible that the mind (psyche) and the soul/spirit (pneuma) survive death of the body (soma).

Keep in mind: I think of this as a possibility, not an actuality. For me, this makes eternal life worth thinking about, believing in and taking the effort to find out more about by the study of pneumatology.

Because I find this whole way of thinking enjoyable, I find it has a present value. If I am wrong I will never know; neither will you. But if you are wrong ... Think about it.

BTW, I do not believe that honest doubt and agnosticism are sins to be punished. If we doubt and/or just don't know, we will just need to stay after school and do a bit more homework to get caught up with those who know how to get on with life. smile

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