Check out the work of the mathematician and philosopher, Alfred North Whitehead.
In his thinking about "God" he was an advocate of panentheism--what I call unitheism

As I write elsewhere and indicate in my signature, for me, GØD is not just a being to whom I can point and say: There is GØD. But rather, GØD is the One--the total, the universal all-encompassing and all-inclusive, everywhere-present Spirit. In my opinion, GØD is that which is in through and around you, me, others; in through and around every atom and atomic particle, the planets, the galaxies and the Cosmos.
Given the above definition of GØD, like Carl Jung, I say I know and experience GØD, not just believe in a god.

Notice the special way I write the Divine name. I use all capitals and Ø (null--in maths, the set without numbers).
I presume this refers to the infinitely small and/or infinitely large. Orthodox Jews do a similar thing. They write G-d.

The - and/or the Ø refers to the mystery of it all, beyond what our science can measure. In my opinion, all scientific measurements are approximate. There is no exact science.

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