Sam, doesn't it give you, as it does me, a kind of quiet joy to see the flurry of interest there is in discussing theology and pneumatology--and philosophy in general--here in this forum? Meanwhile, we can trustingly, we hope, leave it to our well-motivated scientists--some of whom are also people of faith--to get on with exploring somatology, all created things (GOD in visible form to our senses).
And how good it is to see several new participants--all of whom seem to be willing to do so openly, without rancour, even lovingly and in the spirit of dialogue. What a pleasure and joy it is.

I remind posters that, for me, GOD may be in persons--which is the basic theme of the book, Conversations with God--but is GOD more than just that: GOD is Love, Light, Power, Wisdom, Truth, Infinity, Eternity, Spirit. If you can imagine it, GOD is this, and more.

Atheists, like you, I do not think of GOD as 'a' human-like person occupying space and time. If this is the 'god' you deny, I have no quarrel with you. I say the same thing to Dawkins and Hitchins: I have no trouble denying the 'God' you deny. So what's the big deal?

Now, try denying Love ... Spirit. If you choose so to do, I will await your evidence.

Because I accept the reality of Spirit--which may not be so for some--for me it is evidence that GOD is. Check out what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman in John 4:24: "GOD IS SPIRIT..." He refused to localize GOD.

Jesus gave his definition of GOD (as Spirit) in response to her comment. It indicated to him that she believed in a localized concept of GOD--which, in my opinion, is a false and unsophisticated concept. I got rid of this concept when I got a brain large enough to understand the Santa Claus myth.

BTW, I accept that myths, as a myths--not as literal facts--can have some value and can be used to teach spiritual truths.

This is how I taught my own children and grandchildren to handle the myths of religions, including Christmas and Easter and the myths of Islam--the mother of my grandchildren is a Sufi Muslim. Therefore, now that they are grown they have learned to think for themselves--to separate facts from fantasies. It is great to see them enjoy the Spirit of Christmas and other festivals. I feel that telling them the truth has made their joy greater.

BTW: Do atheists have any myths?

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