Ric- Stay with us as long as possible. I do not know who you are, but you sound very clear headed in a situation which would rob others of their spirit. You also seek to take care of your wife. I do not presume to offer advice but in fact I am married to someone with a relenting disease which has taken away most of his great abilities. However his intelligence and personality are still there and I remember him in the 'before' as well as the 'now'. I also know that if things were different he would have supported me, as he indeed did and still does. Incidently odin, he too shares my ideas regarding god.

I previously explained the moment when I realised I didn't think there was anything 'out there'. There was no great drama. I was near death and realised after it was resolved that I had not once called on god. I was just determined to see my new little daughter, which thanks to excellent medical care, I did. So I don't believe that 'everyone is a believer on their deathbed'. Some embrace god but others, like Ric and me, do not.

And odin, both Ric and I live in Australia- and here your religion is NOT important. No one would ever ask another person what their religion was or if they attended church. 21 members of our parliament affirmed their oath of office rather than swear on a bible recently, and did this without comment. It's a different atmosphere- not necessarily better- but certainly different.