The atmosphere here in the USA concerning religion is a little different. This country was settled for religious freedom. We have separation of church and state, which right now is causing a great debate in this country. If you read your history Henry the VIII started the church of England because he got mad at the pope. The pope would not allow a divorce for the King. So, Henry started the church of England which was government sponsored church. You were a member of that or catholic. Separation of church and state means government can't sponsor church, it does not mean that you can't hang the 10 commandments in a Federal building. I mean, lets be real, even if you don't believe in God what is wrong with "thou shalt not kill"? What I am getting to is this, the trouble between atheism and christianity in this country is the atheist want their beliefs crammed down everyones throat. And I understand christianity has done the same in areas -it is a two sided sword. But no one has to go to church on Sunday if they don't want to, and I feel that if I were an athiest and really believed that there were no god, no afterlife that 10 commandments posted on the wall in a building or a manger scene at christmas in a store window would really upset the balance of the universe, because who would care? I could talk to you for hours about the wrongs done in the name of christianity, but not by christianity. No one has ever said heaven is here on earth, and people have their own interpretation of things. Again, religion is a personal thing
imagine what the world would be like if no one believed in nothing, again I believe and repect your right not to.

I would like to tell you something funny though. I have a friend from Germany that moved here years ago. In Germany you pay a tax for the religion or church you are a member and the government gives the money to the church. He had a cousin that thought he was going to get out of paying church taxes so he registered as an atheist. To his surprise there was an atheist tax ! No way to win.

Best Regards,
People will forgive you for anything -but being right !