BFP, I trust you have taken note that, speaking about the future, Dawkins writes
But as a citizen and a human being, I want to construct a society which is about as un-Darwinian as we can make it.
In my opinion, here Dawkins is writing as a humane being, not just a human being--some of whom can be damned inhumane.

Obviously, he is optimistic about the future. If we are all dead, it will not matter, will it?

I look at it this way: If there is no life after death no atheist will every have the pleasure of reminding me of how gullible I was. But if there is life after death, think of the fun I will have. laugh Meanwhile, I have the pleasure of living optimistically.

BTW, I fear fire and all natural dangers--only fools have no such fears--and I do my best to avoid them. If there is no future I have nothing to fear.

Meanwhile, the joy of living, and working humanely along with Dawkins and the like, as though there will be is enough for me.
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