1. Whatever you may feel about the randomness of our appearance in the cosmos, the meaning or lack thereof that one perceives in one's life is entirely personal. The absence of a god does not deprive life of meaning. All the realities remain intact. No less real are love and beauty and all of the other poetry of human experience, whether or not one ascribes them to a Zeus or Ptah or Indra or whoever. These realities are accepted for what they are by the many of us who see them as fully sufficient unto themselves. When you experience 'purpose', you don't need to give it a name, or dress it up in mythology.

Regarding the feeling of purpose: on a practical level, meditation is of great benefit to many people in becoming conscious of purpose - including atheist scientists.

2. There need be no search for proof of God.

3. Quote TFF: "Science is not capable of addressing the subject of God."
"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once" - John Wheeler