I accept that there is a place for sincere faith--that is, believing without having to have absolute and concrete evidence.
Faith is a powerful spiritual quality which can be used for good or ill. Much of what we do is based on faith, including what happens in the sciences, the arts and the marketplace.

All religions say: We must have faith. So do political demagogues, and sincere candidates for office. But I ask, what kind? Sure faith can go beyond reason, should it ever contradict it? I think not.

If I had the financial resources I would love to set up a lab and have a research program for the purpose of examining the nature and function of faith, and claims made for it by the religions. Keep in mind: I abhor blind faith, no matter what the source, and equate it to superstition.

For example, with the help of the media I would love to explore the following questions: What is going on in the world of radio and TV evangelism? Is it just so much fraud? Are their claims of miraculous healings for real? Or are such claims just a whole lot of fraud without any foundation of truth?

Some research has already been done, but I would also like to see more of it done, on the nature, function and effectiveness of prayer and meditation. Are they of any practical value?

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