Ellis, I have no problem thinking of GØD/LIFE as being quite super and very natural--not unlike the quantum and super computers being created by Seth Lloyd.

As I have already mentioned:For me, GØD=shortform, or way of saying "super quantum computer at our service. But it is up to us to make the connection and keep on doing so." I do it moment by moment--just like I do with my PC--even when I am going through a viral infection. I just rose above it, this AM.

I have the strong feeling that Lloyd is on the right track: The universe is a super quantum computer with which we have the potential to connect (In Aramaic, the word for 'pray' means to connect.)I feel guided by everything I experience. And it is not a god separate and apart from nature.

This approach helps anyone learn about and use the law of attraction. Specifically, the attraction of good things.

Did I mention the narrow escape my wife and I had in Florida? Pardon me if this is a repeat. Put it down to my age: I was making what I felt was a safe entrance into a line of traffic. Out of nowhere came a car, speeding. My wife yelled, "Look out for that car...or words to that effect..." All I know is, without any conscious thought on my part, the other driver and I did the right thing and a crash was avoided by less than 6 feet.

Coincidence? Maybe. But what I know is: The more connected I keep with GØD'LIFE, the more positive coincidences keep happening. smile
And it is free to anyone willing to make the choice to stay connected. Keep in mind that this process has nothing to with having to belong to a dogmatic, imposing and formal religion...........