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KS: "religion played a big role in uniting men and brining them under the lawfulness...of society."

- Systems of ‘divine law’ such as sharia law still exist, but we can do very much better without them.

KS: "Even today, it gives men moral standards to live by."

- Manifestly, religion encourages not only ethical behaviour, but also incites extremely unethical behaviour. Human beings are capable of ethical behaviour without indulging in the superfluous fantasies of religion.

KS: "Do you think men in general are better off without religion?"

- Yes; but if you're interested in what's true rather than what's expedient, then the question is irrelevant.

KS:said "religion played a big role in uniting men and bringing them under the lawfulness...of society."
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Are you certain of that? I think Religion has played an even bigger part in causing wars, progroms, misery, and anihilations of peoples and tribes all over the World.
Religion has a powerful influence upon some people, but when in the hands of a despotic ruler, has caused untold misery.

The influence of religion upon people today, is very much less than before. Since the influence of rule, has largely been replaced by the democracy of Government.
Greed, Oil, and money can still cause misery, but hopefully migration and education will still allow one to live in relative comfort and peace.

Religions are not the Moral standard we believed we should live by, anymore. There are thousands of different beliefs, ways of life, and ideas in our modern world, they almost all practise at least some of the Ten Commandments,
The best human moral codes for living, ever invented.

Lets hope religion is kept Earthbound, if it ever gets to the Planets, or Stars, we are lost.
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