Anon- An atheist is one who has no belief (faith) in a god. There is no such thing as the divine (gods)...
Ellis writes.

Anon, welcome. I have said this before: As a humane being and as a unitheist, without claiming to understand it all, I accept the unity (the holos) of all that is.

Here is where I agree with moral, ethical and loving atheists: Like them I find it impossible to imagine and do not believe that there is 'a' three-dimensional god, or gods, anymore than I believe there is 'a' physical Santa Claus living at the north pole. I have the feeling that most educated theists think the same way. Let me explain it as I understand it.

By the way, as I understand it: when theologians--and I have read widely in theology--speak of "God in three persons", they are not using the word 'person' in the same way that the average person uses it.

The Latin 'persona' (literally meaning 'to sound through') refers to the mask worn by actors--masks of the drama. Do we not all wear our 'personalities' like masks?

For educated theists God wears an infinite number of masks, which science is uncovering even as we read. However, according to the teaching about the tri-unity, God wears at least three masks: Creator (Father), Creation (the universe and us) and the Spirit (life in all its mystery).

Many people, especially those with a linear mind, find it difficult to think in the old metaphors. Therefore,

Here is mine: The god-concept that I have in my mind is as real to me as the physical, mental and spiritual cosmos of which I am--as we all are--an essential part.

But keep in mind: only the physical universe is concrete, three-dimensional, and capable of being explored by the hard sciences. I see the physical universe as being filled, at least potentially, with goodness (G), order (Ø) and design (D). This is why I like using GØD as the over-all symbol. This symbol, for me, carries over into the universe as mind and spirit. This is the realm of philosophy and religion with potential ad infinitum.

The important question for me is: Now that I am here in the universe, in GØD, what is the meaning and purpose of it all?

G~O~D--Now & ForeverIS:Nature, Nurture & PNEUMA-ture, Thanks to Warren Farr&ME AT www.unitheist.org