odin- The Church of England was not founded so that Henry VIII could get a divorce. The was much unrest at the time within the church (which at the time was administered from Rome). Many of the more educated members of the churches wished to read the Bible for themselves and make up their own minds regarding the doctrines of the church. There were many of these people all over Europe (I notice you mention Martin Luther) protesting about the power of the Roman Catholic Church, so they were called protestants. There were such movements in Britain too, and it was therefore easy for the king to appropriate them and announce that he was the Defender of the Faith in Britain. In actual fact Henry was a very learned and intelligent monarch, with a strong religious faith, who went a bit off the rails and got greedy! He went with the spirit of the times though, many people were glad to see the end of the power of the church as it existed then.

That is a much simplified account of Henry and the dissolution of the monasteries, but it is a bigger simplification to assume that Henry merely wanted to marry Anne Boleyn (in spite of the movies and TV!)