Damn it! I wanted to found humanism...j/k. On a more serious note though, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I didnt even know something like this existed. Thanks for the help red.

Ellis: The part of AFTERLIFE which works is that it gives men hope and something to live for. It kind of gives meaning to life, which otherswise would be pointless. There are other real meanings to life, such as quest for knowledge and happiness, and that is what religions should really offer instead of some fake belief in heavens that dont exist. If religions preached "Live and let Live" or like you said "Treat other like they treat you" then this world would be a MUCH better place. That is what a real religion should be doing in order to bring peace to this world.

As for the government, it does provide us with an outline of what we should do. But again, it would be like the Board of Education providing you with an outlineof class materials and saying, this is what you should know and learn. That is completely different from going to schools/universities where you learn through guidance and conversations. Thats the difference between government and the religion which I would like to see.
- Kevat Shah