BFP asks
i have a question; do you remember what it was like before being born; i mean; before you came into existance? how did it feel?
Some people, like my daughter, do have this ability. I can only imagine it.

You say, "... i'm not an atheist, nor am i religious. i prefer to ignore those battle grounds; call it rational ignorance; a waste of attention."

I do not mean this as a put-down, but to me you seem to have chosen as your life's role simply to be a clever animal. smile I hope you are well-trained, kind and have a master who loves you laugh

BTW, I accept the possibility that there is re-incarnation and that animals and things do go on into the eternal now, which we call the future. For me, there is only NOW. Future and past are illusions.

I also accept all sincerely held beliefs.

I think of G0D--all goodness, order and design--as the "essential self" within and beyond me--the collective consciousness. I can think of this "ES" as being like Seth Lloyd's quantum computer with which I can carry on an on-going conversation and seek guidance for life.
I am amazed, daily, at the practical and helpful results I get.