You (RevLGK) define a term one way and then you implicitly narrow it down as if it only meant part of that. That narrowing is part of the baggage in the term.
TFF, if you expect me to understand you and give a rational response, you might try giving me a "for example".

BTW, in there is a brilliant scientist and an agnostic, Rick. Recently he wrote: "Can we get away from calling it gee oh dee? That would help dialog a lot."

He wants us to drop the name "God" and use "nature, or universe".
I am not sure, yet, what he has in mind. Pantheism? I will find out. Then I will make up my mind whether dialogue is of any real value and to any real purpose.

When it come to accepting the ideas, beliefs, the culture, whatever, of others, I am usually very accommodating. However, I refuse to accept that as human beings we are nothing more than physical objects--cosmic accidents "created" by a physical cosmos, just mechanical robots which simply appear to be human beings (a meaningless term, in the context). As human-like robots, we a nothing more than computerize robots equipped with futuristic artificial intelligence. Therefore, we are disposable and devoid of anything that can be described as spiritual (another meaningless term, in the context)--in tune with the infinite and the eternal.

BTW, if physicalism--check out
--is the truth: that all life ends at death, the bad news is: Even if the physical cosmos survives, ad infinitum, as such, no one alive before us, and alive now, will ever know. When one considers that all pain and suffering for such will be over this is not all that bad news. But the fact remains: We will not know.
I feel this is a bummer.

This means that no physicalist reading my posts will ever get the pleasure of reminding me: What a fool you were to believe in such nonsense you called unitheism, panentheism
And look at the time you wasted advocating pneumatology--the scientific study of spirituality.

However, if there is life after our personal deaths, think of the fun I will have. I quickly add: I promise not to gloat if any of you find yourselves in purgatory. Or, heaven forbid: in hell.

My definition of purgatory? Reincarnation, in one form or another. I accept the teachings of Buddhism here.
My definition of hell? Physicalism's non existence. I do not accept the traditional definition that hell is place of eternal suffering and pain.
My definition of heaven? The opportunity to continue the work I
am currently doing. I do not accept the traditional teaching that it a place where the TRUE BELIEVERS will rest in peace, forever. I do not want rest. I want the energy, courage and strength to keep on living according to the principle of the Golden Rule--LOVE in action.

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