Odin1 writes
Who knows how many times we return to this earth and I have never seen anything in the bible or heard anything preached that reincarnation does not occur.
BTW, I am not dogmatic about the idea of reincarnation. I just accept that it is okay to dialogue about it as one of the possibilities life has to offer. I also am impressed that it is so widely accepted by so many people--Buddhists and Hindus--in the east.

The book of Job 33:15...--especially verses 29,30--implies the concept of reincarnation. Also, check out Matthew 17: 10-13. Many modern Jews believe that Jeremiah will return and introduce the Messiah.
BTW, while I will often quote the Bible as a reference, I find it of little value to prove a point, or to use as a book of rules.

Some of the rules make sense, but some do not. For example, read Deuteronomy 21: 18-21. How many Bible believers think that rebellious teenagers ought to be stoned to death, in public?

Speaking with tongue-in-cheek, I wonder if it would cure the problem? If it would, maybe we ought to give it a try smile

Or how about this: Start off by pelting the offender with small stones. If the youth repents and vows to stop being offensive, before you get to the medium and larger ones, then its a win/win, eh?

It is obvious that all Bible believers pick and choose the Bible verses they want to take seriously.

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