Haven't been posting lately, but perusal of the very literate and informed comments on this topic was inspiration to join in.

Been an atheist in the past, and depending on definition of theism might still be considered that by some fundamentalist-types at least, but consider myself a unitheist.

Was raised Methodist, then Presbyterian, then could no longer recite the Apostle's Creed, so made myself scarce (Dad's still an active lay minister and slightly worried about me).

While not a supernaturalist I see a non-being-like ultimate reality in the world, in my spirit, and in the minds of others.

What is not explainable by natural means might be called crypto-natural (natural but not yet understood) rather than supernatural. Mary Baker Eddy was a crytonaturalist but didn't use that term to describe herself.

Been busy trying to work through issues of meaning, purpose, etc. mostly at the unitheist fellowship site, which BTW Rev. King wrote a good article for, "What is Unitheism?" (a little lite horn-tooting, hope you don't mind RLK smile

I'm still reading, learning, and pondering though, as well as writing.