Rev - What gives me strength is the pursuit of truth. If we keep trying to find what is true, only then can we come up with the right answer. This leads me to question:
"What is the connection between the two"
What I mean by that was, what is the connection between these coincidences and an ever present god? How do these coincidences provide support for your idea of a God (which is simply all that is). It seems to me like you are saying that everything exists in a harmony (hence the universe being a quantum computer). How does this idea of everything in the universe being god relate to these coincidences? Are you saying that the universe, or some part of it made these coincidences happen to prove a point?

Ellis - What I meant by "What makes you believe..." is not why someone needs to believe in god, but why someone would believe in something they cannot see or hear.
- Kevat Shah