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Dictionary def. 'humane '

1a. marked by compassion or consideration for other human beings or animals.
1b. causing the minimum pain possible.
2. characterised by broad humanistic culture; liberal.
Thanks for this, Ellis. Perhaps we need to add: Being humane is being able to appreciate the value of what Aristotle called the Golden Mean--a balance between that which is truly liberal and truly conservative--living in a state of cooperation, not in one of conflict.

Then you add: "I totally reject the idea of Karma. I find the whole idea of inherited sin repugnant and reject it completely."

As a pneumatologist may I ask, in the spirit of dialogue: Where have you read that those who believe in karma all say that sin is something we inherit?

The New Testament Greek for sin is 'amartia--deliberately missing the target, or mark.

There are two kinds sin:
Sins of commission--deliberately doing things which are inhumane, painful and hurtful to others, the world around us and myself.

There are also sins of omission--deliberately avoiding to do that which is humane, loving and helpful to others, the world around us and myself.

Sin is any evil, even any attitude of the human spirit, which I consciously choose to do in the now. In my opinion, past and future are mentally created illusions. NOW is the one reality.

For example, when someone annoys me by making what I think is a foolish and stupid statement I am tempted to accuse that person, now, of being a stupid fool. This is a sin.

Or, I may just think that that person is a stupid fool, and keep it to myself. In either case--even if the person is actually a stupid fool--thinking of that person in this way, is, in my opinion a sin, a blot on my soul (pneuma), which I will carry with me, in the now, until I, consciously, remove it by acknowledging that it is a sin.

How can I get rid of it, in the now? By asking for forgiveness, and resolving to be more humane from now on. If I did the sin years ago it is in the now that it causes pain and must be handled.

BTW, IMO, even thinking of myself in this judgemental way is a sin. It seems to me that the world is in great need of more and more people willing to think of the essential self in all of us as truly humane. This does not mean that we need to close our eyes to the fact that we do do some awful things--especially when we forget who we really are: humane beings.

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