Incidentally, there are many things that we, as human beings, do not know. Therefore, to this extent we are all agnostic. What I try to avoid is being a cynical and apathetic agnostic--one who says, "I don't know; don't want to know, and I don't care for those who do or don't."

Am I a religious leader? you ask.

Born in 1930, I retired from the pastoral ministry in 1994. My work was not just with church members. It involved community building and social work. I never demanded that people be devout Christians before they were offered help.

Now that I have retired, because I prefer to wear out and not just rust out, I do volunteer work in a non-sectarian charity--The Family Life Foundation, which I helped found in 1973, while I was still an active pastoral minister.

BTW, the FLF just took on a new program. It has to do with helping a young-adult couple, both of whom are enthusiastic people who are recovered addicts. They connect with troubled youth in schools and on the street and offer help. There are a lot of hurting people out there.
The FLF is connected with It is non-sectarian. Check out the online forum.

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