Religion is "faith based". You believe or you don't. I believe through faith. But if you want to look at it scientifically just look at conciousness as energy and when the body dies conciousness goes somewhere else. I can't prove it with a picture or mathematical formula. But neither can anyone prove the contrary. If they could, we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. I will say this and I am through with the religion discussion.
1) I don't believe we are a mistake
2) I don't believe we "evolved" from apes-maybe a helping hand from a divine source, but too many flaws in the fossil record.
Man has a habit of making lines out of dots.
3) You don't destroy energy-so if conciousness is energy--------
4) If you read the Bible there are things phophesized that I just don't think were lucky guesses

We will all find out in due time

People will forgive you for anything -but being right !