Hi DA:

This Post concerned what proof would "you" need to be satisfied that god exists.

From the consistent content of your contributions on any subject of god or religion I question that you should not be offering replies to this question. You are on record in full denial of any potential god that has been theorized or worshiped so "proof" of a god is beyound your comprehension. You have removed yourself from objective discussion of this issue. Now you want to rant at those that may wish to think there may be a god. Why? Do you want to convert them to your way. Are you an example of the thinking processes that exist in those that deny the possible existence of a god for any one, jew or christian or whatever?

You frequently point out that DKV needs help. Do you see DKV rant negative with the determination that you exibit. jjw does not give a damn about other peoples religious beliefs so I am compelled to wonder why you come on so adamant?