Everyone keeps talking about how we should expose the government. Tell me, if you were to get bitten by the most deadly snake and a chain-saw was close by, would you or would you not saw off your arm to stop your impending death? I would -it is your brain cells that make this decision, no doubt if this decision was up to the arm-cells they would not do it, there is always hope. On that same subject, many peoples 'brain cells' make them addicted to drugs that are harmful to the rest of the body, yet they continue to use them. I do not know what kind of government we have. So I'm hesitant to rebel against them. Why is the government always after money?
Case 1 -they are self-serving greedy people.
Case 2 -it is part of a strategy to ensure the well being of the people they govern.

What do I know?

P.S. Listen to Immortal Technique