Does it make you feel better knowing that people in pain and suffering have slightly better posture?

Better that one day a week they hold their heads up when they feel like h... the other six?

Shouldn't you be concerned with the fact that they were feeling so miserable the previous 6 days that you noticed the difference?

Wouldn't it be better if they felt good and lived decent lives every day? I am horrified that you take pride in the fact that you gave a miserable person a few hours of comfort when you and the rest of the religious community could inconvience yourselves a little bit and use that money to make a real, substantive, and permanent difference.

What you have described, above, is one of the worst sins committed in the name of religion. The sin of hypocrisy.

You are correct ... Christian churches were originally intended to be held in people's homes. Then the self-serving self-righteous hypocrites saw a way to sit in warm comfortable buildings and shield their eyes from the real world. They could feel good about their "good works" while doing little more than giving table scraps.

Why do you think some of us are so offended. You have the right to do with your money and time as you choose. But if you brag about it in public don't surprise when other note the hypocrisy.
DA Morgan