Such unnecessary vitriol, slamming the questioner without bothering to provide the simple answer to the simple question asked. For shame.

To answer your question, I can be satisfied in a couple of ways.

The easiest would be to posit that God does NOT exist, reason what kinds of things would logically and necessarily follow from that, and then demonstrate that only one of those things is contradicted by observed and reliable data. This would thereby disprove the nonexistence of God, and thus God must exist.

The hardest would be to somehow get me to directly observe God by means of one of my physical senses, in a meaningful way.

Any other kind of proof would work so long as it is (1) based on objective evidence, that can be observed by others, (2) accurately explains the observed data, (3) contains no leaps of logic or unsupported conclusions, (4) can be tested by experiment, and (5) reliably predicts future observations.
Bwa ha ha haaaa!!