Man on his relentless quest to dominate nature turns to science in curiosity and to religion in frustration and impatience. Having chosen the path of religion and speculating ignorantly for years over nature he comes to a conclusion. Feeling he has dominated nature at last, he climbs to the highest point he can find during a storm. At this point he stands and outstretches his arms to the heavens in a dramatic representation of his conquest with the rain thundering down around him and great flashes illuminating the sky. Here he stands, convinced he is one with nature and that there is some grand meaning behind his existence, and that this point is the climactic culmination of mankinds existence as he has achieved wisdome to account for the world -because he has found god.
Alas, the stupid [censored] gets struck by lightning and all the scientists have a good laugh at the fact that he chose to go the highest point in a storm.