Hmmm your general concept of religion and god, seem to be out of sync with my concepts, so saying that I believe in a god would be talking past you as we don't share the same understandings of the words.

I hold with A. Clark: advanced science is like magic, and if we went back in time far enough, we would be like gods to those people. In fact saving someone who was suffering from dehydration, and a nasty spear wound to the abdomen would be difficult, but not impossible with today's technology. I don't think a race capable of space travel would find it hard at all.

Next postulate that there are other beings somewhere in the universe. Not unreasonable. Next postulate that they have had communication with our earth in times past. That may be a stretch. And I would suppose that would be where you might begin to look for proof of a God.

Ah but you say, that an extra terrestrial is not the same as the Creator of the Universe. Well, the old Hebrew texts don't say the same thing as our modern bibles. Religion has kind of gone it's own way.

A non-orthodox translation does not find mention of creating out of nothing, it finds something more akin to organizing existing matter. And Eloheim is a strange Hebrew word. First it is plural, not singular. It could mean "the Gods", but a more orthodox translation would be "the supreme God". Hmmm sounds like a highly superior extra terrestrial race to me.

Ok well I have offended all the major religions of earth, but I think there is wisdom in the teachings of the Man of Peace. I think I have see things in humans and in prayer that look like magic to me. And I assume that this God does follow the laws of science, and when it seems like magic, I assume that I just have a bit more science to learn, or maybe our understanding is simply missing something. "Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness (truth) for they shall be called scientists, er filled."

What I find awe inspiring is the beauty and simplicity of the Universe (picture of the horse head cluster as my desktop), and the effect of love on my motivation in life. God is not to be proven, God is to be discovered.

Enjoy life