Criticism is not hate. If you say something provocative, you cannot be surprised when those whom you have provoked respond vigorously.

Science is more than just "the observation of things happening." It's not a wonder that you are an anti-darwinian. Your comments about the fossil record are based on rumors and false reasoning that creationists float around amongst themselves as if they mattered.

Contrary to the persecution complex of creationists, they aren't criticized for "disagreeing with" or for "questioning" evolution. They are criticized because they make unequivocal assertions about the subject without having done the slightest bit of real homework. Reading bible tracts is not "doing your homework." Neither is cut-n-pasting blather from

There are other people who aren't willing to do any real homework on the subject, people who are mentally lazy and won't be bothered to actually try to critically evaluate the claims you make to them. Mentally lazy people have a luxury not shared by the people who do their homework - to the mentally lazy person even the most idiotic notion can sound like genius.

Just one sample specific note:
"I fail to see how anyone can claim millions of years of evolution especially as no one was there to witness it?"
Here is a critical flaw in your understanding of what science is - one that shows you have gotten your "understanding" of science not from competent science teachers or from practicing science or reading about it, but from "researching" creationist fake-science sites. This is EXACTLY analogous to saying that photons do not exist because no one has ever seen one. We don't have to SEE a thing to be quite certain of its existence. Yours is the comic-book understanding of science promulgated by answersingenesis, among others, who depend on the fact that you will be too lazy to figure this out yourself. And they were apprently right.

It's not that you aren't smart. It's not that you are not capable of learning. It's that whatever intelligence you may have acquired by nature or by god is being wasted by a conscience effort to remain ignorant.