Put yourself in the scientific mind of 100 years ago. An unknown clerk has just presented his first paper on the wave nature of light. Since the man did not come from an important school, and did not conduct his own experiments, as he had no lab, and no staff, his paper was not considered important for many years. This man revolutionized physics with nothing but his mind and his interpretation of the research of others.

Last night I was reading a rough draft concept to redo electromechanical theory. The author is knowledgeable, holds a PhD from some school called MIT, and is the head of a physics Department at a University so his ideas cannot simply be dismissed as amateurish. But he is plowing though all the math and implications of his new theory, and it may be many years before he publishes and decades past that before it has a chance of acceptance and or we find a way of using electricity that the new theory suggests that is different than the old theory.

That is the way of science. The science I see here is old and boring. Unless it is accepted fact, it cannot be right. Maybe it is the rebel in me that looks for new applications, new interpretations, looks for weaknesses in current theories, etc. Unless we open our minds more and have at least a slight distrust of current explanations, we will not make progress in science. As I have said before, some here remind me of fundamental Christians with their mindset against change.

You take religion, classify all religions as the same as your limited experience, drop out philosophy, and dismiss a large part of human experience as an impediment to your faith in science. That is not only wrong, that is not what they teach as the scientific method.

For something interesting: a magnetic field can be generated in two different ways, by the flow of electricity, and by electron spin. There seems to be no difference in these fields that can be detected. I.e. one cannot examine a magnetic field and say that it originated from the flow of electrons or from electron spin: they both produce the same effect. How can this explained in present electrical theory? Hint: electrical theory is relatively old and was developed before quantum mechanics.