DA your insults are funny ways of accepting ideas. Mark Twain was a man who made a living from being funny. You one line dismissal of statistics isn't funny for a guy who slugged though many a college statistics course and then chaired a research committee on the application of statistics in his industry. Maybe you just have a funny way of talking to people and encouraging further communication with insults. Instead of adding to the subject, you just try to pick it apart.

Back up a bit and try to suggest ideas and irregularities that either promote or demote the ideas of life and eventually intelligent life existing elsewhere. You keep drumming on the fact that there is not one shred of evidence. Well a few years ago, there wasn?t one shred of evidence that there were planets around other stars. Someone decided to look in an ingenious way and we are finding gas giant type planets with out much trouble these days. So not having evidence for a probability is only important after one has thoroughly checked for that evidence.

I suggested the occurrence of 4 non-gas giants as the inner planets (metal bearing planets, may just be the results of the gas being blown away by the solar wind). is a hopeful sign that there is a mechanism that would promote life-supporting planets being close enough to a star to be in the liquid water range. Who knows, maybe every normal star forms a narrow variant of our system of planets? That would drastically increase the chance for life friendly planets.

I know, most star systems are binaries. But Jupiter is less than 10% mass away from being a star. Jupiter?s gravity doesn?t cause us serious problems, and if it were a luminous star, I don?t think that would cause significant problems either as it wouldn?t be very bright. It is almost a brown dwarf now with its infrared radiation.

The research on chemical compounds easily formed in space is also moving in the direction of lowering the threshold for life on other planets. Of course the proof you seek would be when that Vulcan star ship drops by to pay us a visit. But I don?t think we have to wait. We can and will figure this out in our lifetimes as a statistical probability and then take on the next logical challenge.