Depends on where one has grown up: for most white people (Arabs included), God is a harsh father-like person who likes to play sadistic games with people, like
A: the prohibition to eat from one particular tree, resulting in Man being expelled from the paradise of Eden.
B: building the Babylonian tower causes God to create different languages to sabotage the mentioned construction project.
C: flooding the earth, thereby murdering all life on earth, except for skipper Noah and his crew.

Not to mention the last big screwup of the Cristian God: letting his son be tortured to death, culminating in crucifixion, justified by the notion that this way all the sins of mankind be washed away.

If this mismanagement would have been performed by a normal guy, he would be imprisoned.
It is this kind of inconsequent measuring with two different measures that is really damaging to young children when they are raised cristian.

So if a God like that should be found, take him to court and let him account for all the harm He did!
Regards, Hugo