Sparky: I spent years of my life doing calculus before personal computers and calculators. I have more than a passing familiarity with statistical analysis. That does't change the fact that there is only a single point, out of a infinite number of possible points on the graph supporting the proposition that life exists anywhere else in the universe. That is only one point more than on my graph in which I prove that god is an invisible purple rhinoceros.

I appreciate you pointing out all of the "hopeful" signs. Being deaf dumb and blind I'd never noticed them before. Still that proves nothing about any place else in the entire universe.

How can you study something that does not exist? You claim to have a copy of Job and Isaiah? Where?
In your bible? I don't think so. The original was not written in English. Oh you have the Latin Volgate. So sorry it wasn't written in Latin either. Perhaps the Greek or Hebrew? Still a total fraud as it is also not the original.

But just for fun take that English, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew copies and get scholars to agree on a single translation of them all? Can't be done. You can not even get a rabbi and a priest to agree on the translation of ten simple declarative sentences we call the Ten Commandments. So you have nothing to study. Most certainly not the original text with its original meaning.

So tell me oneplanet ... what is the value in studying the mistranslation of a text? What conclusions can you draw from it?
DA Morgan