To DA Morgan,

I fail to understand your response.

How can one study Job and Isaiah? There is nothing to study.
It would appear you are simply against making a study because of the origin of these texts. The Hebrew scholarly evidence of Job and Isaiah is overwhelming not to mention the historic and geological evidence?

The text has no author.
Would you like to take this statement to a ?Royal Commission? and see if your argument stacks up against the scrutiny of the Jewish Hebrew language, non-Jewish scholars, and historic scholars to boot?

The text has been mistranslated numerous times.
Mistranslated you say. Then you do agree there is original texts somewhere, which of course must have an author.

However, the only reason to mistranslate scripture is to change time spans known as dispensations. Bearing this in mind there is absolutely no need to mistranslate the Old Testament. Modern mistranslations by religious groups are only concerned about prophecy relating to the deity of Christ not the historic writings of the Bible.

You can begin to see my point that a reply to my post would be futile without a study of these books.