No need to cure them. God should come to earth. Surrender to the World Court in the Hague. And stand trial for the crimes of genocide, murder, torture, rape, and destruction of property.

Let the louse prove its worth by defending itself.

If we were created in its image, as the text states, then it should have no fear in allow us to judge it.

Lets see what crimes we can lay clearly at its door.

1. Invention of AIDS, polio, childhood leukemia, malaria, syphilis, etc.
2. Designing women such that they often die in childbirth depriving innocent newborns of their mothers.
3. Killing every first born male in an entire country.
4. Drowning everyone on the planet with the sole exception of the members of a single family.
5. Adam and Eve had two sons and no daughters. Given that the rest of us are here there is no doubt that Eve had sexual relations with at least one of her sons.

No doubt others can add to this list of crimes against humanity. But if the hateful malicious little troll can adequately defend itself and justify the invention of the Smallpox then I will agree to its existence. Seems like a fair bargain.
DA Morgan