"Randomness" as understood by Computers is often without patterns of randomness!!
Random events have inbuilt patterns.
Naturally occuring random numbers are known to follow certain statiscal laws.
Excpect 5 consecutive heads when you do head/tails.If it is not there then the event is not random.
Width of a river is a random number but there is very small chance that the number will start with 9 and it is more likely that it will start with 1.
Fractality of landscape is again a result of random events but there is a definite pattern which can be expressed mathematically(with some error).

You can say that in order to obtain a certain pattern of intelligence(which removes chaos) one has to perform a perfect random experiment.

There are experiments which are not truly random and experiments can not claim to simulate any natural process. No observation is critical for such an experiment to take place otherwise the the result set gets distorted. Therefore any 'TRUE' simulation can only be conduted using Qunatum laws and quantum computers.
Another intersting non-linear event is related to the monster sea storms.Where the base nature of such event is probabilistic.
Wish you all the best.