Scientists don't differ in their conclusions. They differ in their speculations.
REP: You are wrong.Statistical conclusions can be different depending upon the sample.
All the observed scientific truths have their own boundary conditions defined.

one important assumption we all take for granted is that something can be isolated from whole.
A butterfly doesnt create a hurricane.
Of late some theories have started realizing that this assumption is not true.

There is no point in mixing Science and religion.

Science beigns with question.
Religion begins with answer.

Science is needs to verified and tested by many.
Religion needs no verification excpet from your own self.

Science has no goal.
Religion has a goal.

Science wants to explain everthing.
Religion wants to explain why everything.

There are many more differences and would not like discuss them in detail.

Study and practice as many religions as possible and then raise questions on it.

As far as the question regarding the fact that why world is under so pain , the answer is simple....
Your limited religious understanding gives a false perception of reality.A deer gets scared of a tiger without relaizing the role it has to play in the universe.Emotions are right only to the extent of the understanding and feelings generated by the reality.
And as you realize(in terms of awareness) your role ,the understood 'objective' truth changes to a higher level of objectivity.
Understood? I am sure not.:-))

If and when Science will become unquestionable it will become religion.Quite literally with all its ambiguity.

One thing common in both is that they both can effect this world with equal might.