TheFallibleFiend, just for fun,

I affirm that if you told most people that you "saw a UFO" (not only literally meaning 'unidentified flying object' but also to be something, from your observation, to be 'otherworldly', they would scream, "nuts!". Point is, if you believed in what you saw (to be something not from this world or in the purview of our known technology), others would not necessarily believe your observation. 1. Yes, you "see something". 2. No one believes you. 3. Just because no one believes you does not necessarily mean that you did not "see something". 4. Uncle Al's test of faith.
Observing a UFO (again not a literal interpretation but a crystal clear sense that what you saw is in fact alien {created by intelligent life not of this world}) and conveying your observation to those who did not experience your observation requires reliance on their part. You can have pictures of UFOs or even video, and no matter how pertinacious your conviction most people will renege you. Why is this the case?
If DA "sees an invisible purple rhinoceros" and nobody else witnesses this event then does that mean that he did not see it or that it does not exist? I do not know.

A. Stancliff,
I lean toward your first consideration of what terms I define "God" in, "all-powerful, all-knowing, conscious being who created the universe". Further to clarify (or confuse) is that out of possibly an infinite number of universes, our known universe is designed by this "God".

Again I have no take either way.
"My God, it's full of stars!" -2010