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If we ever develop time travel the first task we should perform should be to go back in time to after Jesus had "finished" with things in Jerusalem... and bring him "here" so that he could see the state of affairs in the world today and see what those who were supposed to be "stewards" of his ideas have done. I think you would find a little more anger exercised by him than he showed to the Money Changers in the Temple.
Stonehenge Temple plans Passed to Steering Group

Halloween Red Tape Aloha

31st October 2005

The Formation of a Cross-government Steering Group to take forward the Review of the Options to Ease congestion on the A303 and Improve the Setting around Stonehenge was announced today by Transport Minister, Dr Stephen Ladyman.

The Review will be taken forward by a Steering Group consisting of representatives from: the Department for Transport; the Department for Culture, Media and Sport; the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; the Highways Agency; the Government Office for the South West; and, statutory advisers, English Heritage and Natural England. The Department for Transport announced the review in July 2005 following an increase in scheme costs of the proposed Stonehenge tunnel.

Stephen Ladyman, Minister of State for Transport, said:

"Everyone with an Interest in this important issue will have the opportunity
to contribute to the Review Process as a Full Public Consultation will begin
in January 2006."

Halloween Red Tape Aloha

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Garry Denke, Geologist
Cross Steering Group Reporter
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