Sparky wrote:
"Well I am looking at it from a statistical point of view"

Let me answer by quoting Samuel Clemens

"There are three kinds of liars. Liars, damned liars, and statisticians."

Nothing has changed. Statistically there is a probability. In terms of a single shred of evidence: There is none.

You further wrote:
"To flat out say there is no proof of life in other star systems and then to dismiss the idea shows a strange belief system that doesn't resemble what I have known of scientific enquiry."

Which is it? You are hard of reading? hard of comprehending? or hard of thinking?

Not once in anything I have written have I dismissed the idea. In fact I went to great pains to indicate that I did not. You really need to examine the question I just wrote to you, above, and try to determine where the problem lies.
DA Morgan