Justine what is it you can do, in silent contemplation, in a place that cost millions of dollars and has gold ornamentation that you can not do in the privacy of your own home or sitting on a hilltop overlooking a beautiful beach or other part of nature?

Can you not invite those persons you wish to be with into your home? Onto the beach? Do you really need to spend billions of dollars each and every year that could provide a cure for malaria? Is your need for a "place of worship" more compelling than someone else's need for a cure for leukemia that is killing their child? I don't think so and I doubt you do either.

Want an open door policy ... open the door of your house to a stranger. Or, better yet, open your heart and checkbook to a research facility doing good work. Remember there is no surgeon on this planet that has not saved more lives than all of the religious organizations in your city.

I've nothing against the Unitarian's or any other specific denomination but, in good conscience, answer the following questions:

1. How much money do they take in each year?
2. How much of it is NOT contributed to good causes?
3. How many research chairs at medical schools could be funded with that money?

I rest my case.

You want to get together and quote literary works ... by all means do so. But why should tax payers subsidize you? And why does this require spending millions of dollar on buildings and offices? For how many weeks or months can a cure for malaria be delayed because Unitarian Universalists, with tax payer subsidy, sit around on their bottoms discussing literary works rather than actually doing something useful for the community?
DA Morgan